Monday, January 4, 2010


I love playing Bunco!  I am a part of a Bunco club that meets every month and it is definitely one of my favorite "non-stamping" activities.  There are 12 of us plus a couple of subs that have really found an affection for not only the game but also the bonding only crazy women fighting over that last fuzzy die can really understand.  If you're a player, surely you'll understand what I mean :)  dIf you're not a player, you can learn more about playing Bunco here.

I thought it would be kinda fun to share my love of Bunco with the new friends I'm sure to meet at the Stampin' UP! Leadership conference this week.  I created this super awesome hand held Bunco game as one of my swaps!  I'll admit, I went through multiple iterations of this design before I got to this one but I'm super pleased with how it turned out!

You can shake this baby to your heart's content and the little dice will toss and turn and (hopefully) give you the Bunco you need to take that fuzzy dice.  Slap a magnet on the back and try your luck everytime you walk past the fridge :)  Just like my monthly Bunco club, my bunco's have been pretty few and far between but I'm gonna keep shaking cuz I'm sure one will roll out here on the next roll...or the next one...or the next one...


Linda Tarolli said...

I was lucky enough to swap with you. Love it!

Connie said...

Oh wow...I wish I'd have seen you at Leadership to swap with! Awesome!

Stampindragon said...

I love red hat group was to play tomorrow (my first time), but due to the weather forcast we are postponing it :-( Oh well! I tried to find some directions on how to play as I haven't a clue and what I found was not helpful...could you give me some easy instructions or where to go to get some. I love this and will have to make a few for the Queen Mums - LOL!

Cindy Ferenz
Proud Parent of 2 Soldiers