Sunday, August 1, 2010

With 67 points the winner is...

Kathy S!!  Kathy is the only entry who answered all of the scavenger hunt questions correctly.  She also made some wonderful Conversation Heart candies in a cute little Valentines Day candy box (that I may have seen somewhere before :)  Kathy not only made a rose, she made it using the wax paper resist technique.  So beautiful.

Thanks to everyone who played along!!  We had way more entries than I had ever dreamed we'd have!  Because the response was so great , we'll be having regular contests!  Check back on Friday for details on the next fun blog contest :)

So you wanna know who the runners up are?  If you entered the Scavenger Hunt and particiapted in ANY of the extra credit questions, you'll be getting a fun goodie from me :)

Happy Stamping!!

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