Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Same idea, different result

During my open house, we created the card on the left. A simple "stamp stamp stamp, paste paste paste" kind of card...according to my girlfriend Christine. It's a quick, easy card that makes me feel generally happy! The card on the right is the same design but makes a great representation of what you can do with a couple of embellishments. The difference in the cards...a quick swipe of the roller and we have a neatly patterned bacground upon which we can mount our "3D flower" . A little cutting, or punching, and we have a mountable flower. Instead of using the stamped stem and leaf, I used a piece of ribbon. Add a half back pearl and you have the same card with a bit more jazz. I think both methods have a special place in my quick design heart and a wonderful way to show the beginning stamper how just a couple of embellishments can go a long way!

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