Sunday, May 3, 2009

Come visit the Late Nite Stampers Bloggin' Stars!

A group of Late Nite Stampers have started a Bloggin' Stars group. This group of talented ladies are committed to sharing lots of great, creative information on their blogs to help spark the creative juices in all of us.

Be sure to visit these wonderful blogs for more creative inspiration for your stampin and scrappin!!

  1. Sandi MacIver
  2. Tina Taves
  3. Chris Austin
  4. Heidi Michel
  5. Kelli Waters
  6. Nancy Legate
  7. Dianne Shiozaki
  8. Holly Brown
  9. Virginia Killmore
  10. Kirsten Brown

1 comment:

Sandi MacIver said...

Doesn't this sound like fun, I can't wait to see all the special treats everyone creates for the tour.