Friday, January 8, 2010

Basket Full of Valentines

My youngest son is a Boy Scout.  At summer camp this year, he was introduced to leather working for the first time.  He absolutely loved it.  Now, this is my son who thinks "crafts" are totally "uncool".  He humors me on occasion when I'm kinda lonely in my stamp room.  He'll add his finger so I can tie a bow or tell me how great one of my projects is.  He's just NOT interested in stamping.  So be it.  He is a boy's boy after all!

The other day, we were looking through all the different merit badges he can earn.  One of them happens to be basket making.  He was intrigued. (Seeing a trend here??)  "How might one create a basket", he asks.  I felt it was my duty as his mother to show him how a simple basket weave, one piece atop another, was how to start a simple basket.  The child, genius I tell you, says, "Why don't you do that around that stupid paper box thing and make a paper basket?" (Yes, the craft unappreciation is back.)  He was totally kidding but I thought it was a great idea and the Basket Full of Valentines was born!!

Join me in Kelli's Korner on Sunday, January 31 to make your very own Basket Full of Valentines.  I will teach you the fine art of turning Stampin' Up! exclusive designs into a fun basket that can hold your 12 mini Valentines or a treat for someone special.  Can't make it on the 31st?  A Kit-To-Go could be the answer!  Get full instructions and all the pieces you need to make this fun basket.  Email me today to reserve your spot in the class or order your Kit-To-Go!


Laura said...

I think this is super-cute! Tell your son i said thanks for the inspiration, I love it!

Linda said...

I love your basket weave box! So clever!

DAWN Braun said...

LOVE the basket idea...And I can't wait to use my medallion stamp in tomorrow's club, thanks for the wonderful idea! :)