Monday, February 8, 2010

Which invite to use?

My little sister is expecting her first child in July.  In good big sister fashion, I'll be throwing her baby shower in May.  You know I have to make the invitations, right?  I really want to go with something a little off the beaten path.  I don't want to go crazy but I also don't just want a card that opens on the side.  I made these three "samples" to show my sis and get some input on a favorite design. 

The card on the left is what I like to call the "diaper fold" that will have the invitation attached inside.  The card on the right is a gate fold that is held closed with a belly band.  Finally, the card in the middle is a pocket card that will have the invite in the middle.  I think they all turned out super cute.  The final project will likely have some element of each card somehow incorporated.  We just don't know which "base" style to choose.  Do you have a favorite?

You'll notice the color selection is varied right now.  We'll find out on Thursday if we'll be making Pink or Blue invitations.  I didn't want to show too much of a bias when I made the samples :)

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jmniffer said...

Hi Kelli,
All are fun folds. I like the diaper fold the best, the gate fold the least. Having to fuss with a belly band every time I want to look for information (time, location) is a hassle and without it that type of card seems 'messy' to me. Just my opinion. I'm sure your sister will love them all.