Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A stampin kind of day

Stampers are crazy.  It's you can totally tell who they are, too!  You walk down the street and you can just telll from the sparkle in their eye and their sheepish grin that they're just like you :)

We met some new friends at breakfast this morning.  The hotel restaruant was just full of people like us. Everyone is so gracious and welcoming, you just sit down and enjoy a meal with new friends.  Our new friend Dottie had on the coolest pair of earings and from one stamper to can tell an awesome project from a mile away.  Dottie's earings totally qualified as "awesome project"!  She made these earrings from chip board.  Aren't they awesome?  I just loved these.  They're so creative and so colorful.  With all of our great colors, I'm thinking I could make myself a pair to match every outfit!

Our afternoon was spent "shoe box swapping".  My shoe box project was a tutorial using the new magnetic sheets, the Top Note die, and an awesome rose made from the Ornament punch.  I think all of my swap mates enjoyed the project so I wanted to share it with all of you too!!  Enjoy the Scribd file below and make the whole project or just practice making the rose!

We had another fun night stamping.  We made some really cool projects.  I'm bringing another fun class home from this event.  Wait til you see it.  I'm not giving anything away about the project details but trust're gonna love it!  Tee hee hee :)

Joyce and Linda (and everybody else we're with) have really made this trip and the stamping we're doing so much fun.  Stamping is always more fun with friends.  We're making so many new friends and learning amazing things.  The best part, though, is that it's only going to get better from here.  Tomorrow is the "official" start of the Stampin' Up! 2010 Convention.  We'll be up at the crack of dawn, eating breakfast early, and heading over to start our incredible adventure!  This is my first trip to convention and I'm SOOOO excited!!!  I can't wait to report again with the official convention excitement!

Enjoy my new tutorial :)

Top Note Rose Note Holder


BusyMomma4 said...

That is absolutely beautiful! I'm trying it right now! THX!!!

stampinsue said...

Followed the link from Jan Tink's blog - this is so cool! TFS

ruthi said...

love it. trying to figure out how to use it with a pad of paper

ruthi said...

love it would like to figure out how to attach a full pad of paper so it can be used like a shopping note list