Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Us Goop!!

Day 2 in Salt Lake City was an absolute blast!!  Our morning was full of stamping and creative fun and the afternoon/evening was the greatest reason I joined Stampin' Up! in the first place.  We weren't stamping.  We weren't crafting.  We were sharing...our lives, our friendship and our love of all things friendship!

My roommate and sideline, Joyce, and I were running a few minutes late to breakfast.  Our plan was to meet Linda and our other traveling companions for breakfast at 7:00am.  Linda's response...Us goop!  Thank you, iPhone.  You gave me today's theme :)

We spent the morning stamping with the Late Night Stampers group.  We created 6 incredible projects!  I really loved them all!  This one is my personal favorite!  It's an incredible expandable scrapbook (or really big greeting card) that I can't wait to share in an upcoming class. We made a card folder, a pizza box, a funky tote, an explosion box, and a super cool scalloped circle multi page "thingie".  It was such fun to create with so many new people and see the great ideas that so many people were willing to share.  Being my first experience with the LNS group and their preconvention events, I can definitely say I enjoyed it!

After a very full morning of stamping, we headed for some lunch and relaxation. Toasters has some amazing sandwiches. If you're ever in the SLC area, I highly recommend it!  Sit, talk, laugh and what's next?  Starbucks, of course!  Joyce, Linda and I ventured out into the melting sun to find ourselves some good old caffeine!  A few soft chairs and great company made for a wonderful afternoon.  It was great to catch up with Linda (since she up and left us!) and share stories and ideas about our businesses and creative endeavors.

I love exploring new cities and all of the cool things they have to offer.  Here in SLC, pedestrian safety is very important! The sign next to Linda reads, "Look left and right when crossing.  For added visibility, carry orange flag across with you"  Sure enough, there's a little depot across the street with a matching sign and place to put your orange flag.  These things are everywhere!  I think it's definitely an idea we should take back to Chicago and see if we can get somebody to pay attention.  Of course, where we're from, the gapers delay caused by all the crazy drivers watching a group of krazy stampers cross the street with caution flags would probably cause an accident!!!

Our hotel is right across the street from the convention center.  We saw some banners that have just been hung and took advantage of the photo opportunity.  Share What You Love is the theme of this year's convention and this little heart flower is it's logo.  I really think it embodies the simplicity of the craft we all love to partake in.  I've taken better photos but you know what...I don't care!!  I'm here!!  I'm soaking up everything that my first experience in Salt Lake City has to offer :)

Tomorrow is our only "sleeping in day."  We're not meeting for breakfast until 9:00am.  Crazy, right??  We're going to go do some more stamping around 11:00, grabbing a little lunch snack, then heading off for what I'm sure will be an awesome shoe box swap.  Another little break after that and then we'll be back to stamping more fun and exciting projects.  I can't wait to share my favorites with you again tomorrow.

I'm off to bed now.  My feet and body have had it for one day.  Check back in tomorrow for more "goop" on my SLC adventure!! 

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Tracy said...

That orange flag sign is hilarious! Say hi to Linda for me! :)