Saturday, July 24, 2010

This is a picture of...

my hotel from the front of the convention center.  It was an absolutely wonderful location.  It's a little old but you can't beat the walk on a 100 degree day!  You know the only problem with this photo?  I took it right about the time my flight should have been taking off from Salt Lake City.  Thanks to weather in Birmingham, AL, (huh?) the plane that was supposed to leave Salt Lake City at 6:50pm was running late and wouldn't get me to Denver before my connecting flight left.  Southwest gave me the option of flying out at 3:45, leaving convention over 2 hours early or rebook for tomorrow.  So guess where I am?  You guessed it!  I'm in Salt Lake City until tomorrow morning.  Oh well. I got to spend another evening with Linda and some new and old stampin' friends alike.  I'll be honest, girls, I'm ready to lay my head on my own pillow, curl up in my own bed, hug my children and pet my dogs.  This has been an incredible experience.  I'm so glad I've been able to experience so many new and wonderful things.  I'm done now :-)

My plan for tonight's post was going to be details on how to play along with Kelli's convention experience blog scavenger hunt.  But, since I had no airplane ride to write it, I can't post it!  That will be tomorrow's post instead.  I'll bring out all of my wonderful goodies and post info on how my downline and my customers can win some cute prizes!!

Off to bed. I'll be dreaming of stamping IN MY OWN STAMP ROOM :-)

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